Jamel Sghaier

Visual artist.Born 15 November 1956


Self educated visual artist

Solo Exhibitions

– June 1991 Exhibition in gallery Tahar Haddad -Tunis

– November 1991 Exhibition in gallery El Teatro-Tunis

– Decembre 1997 Exhibition in gallery Astrolabe -(imago mundi)-Tunis

– October 1998 Exhibition in gallery Astrolabe (surfaces).-Tunis

– November 2005 Exhibition in gallery Ecart-Osnabruck-Germany

– 2006 Sound installation(Voice seeds) -Bielefeld -Germany

– October 2007 Exhibition in gallery Sadika-Gammarth-Tunis

– Juillet 2008 Exhibition in gallery Jesse -Bielefeld-Germany

– 2008 Sound installation (Voices between)-Bielefeld-Germany

– Marz 2009 Exhibition in gallery Dr Ulrike Hamm-Bissendorf -.Germany

– Januar 2011 Exhibition in Zentrum fur interdisciplinary forschung(ZIF) Bielefeld-Germany

– Marz 2014 Exhibition in museum Villa Stahmer-Georgs Marien Huette-Germany

– Fébruar 2015 Exhibition in gallery Tahar Haddad

Group Exhibitions

– Februar1993 Exhibition in Tunis 1 University (Image of the self in contemporary art)-Tunis

– April 1995 Exhibition in Tunis 1 University (Image of the Body in contemporary )-Tunis

– From 1998 member and exhibit regularly with the Tunisian visual artists union .

– November 2003 Exhibition in the 9th Cairo international contemporary art biennal-Égypte

– Marz 2004 Exhibition in the international art Symposium-Dubai-United arab emirates

organised by Emaar Properties.

– 2007 Exhibition in the Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche -Osnabruck-Germany

– July 2008 Exhibition in gallery Jesse -Bielefeld -Germany

– Juillet 2010 Exhibition in Gallery LavignesBastille-Paris

-From 2010 Exhibit regularly in -Salon des réalités nouvelles- Geometric art.Paris-France

– October 2010 Exhibition in Gallery Jesse -Bielefeld-Germany

– Februar 2011 Exhibition in gallery Baal-Bielefeld-Germany

Artist Residence

– August 2006 artist resident in the Werk-Statt(Medias-House) and Production of sound installation(Voice seeds)- Osnabruck-Germany

– August 2008 artist resident in the Werk-Statt (Medias-House ) and Production of sound installation (voices-between)-Osnabruck-Germany


– Tunisian museum of contemporary art (13 works)

– Egyptian museum of contemporary art (3 works)

– Emaar properties company (2 works)

– private collections in Tunisia, Finland , Germany , France,and switzerland


2nd price in the international art Symposium in Dubai organised by Emaar Properties-United arab emirates

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